Visit wanderlust for a nostalgic and amazing coffee experience

Grab a cup of fair trade coffee from our vintage camper

Searching for the perfect cup of coffee? Craving a delicious chocolate cupcake? Look no further than Wanderlust Coffee Co. We serve top-quality coffees and baked goods right out of our vintage 1966 camper.

Want an espresso drink? We offer a wide variety of specialty coffee drinks. Don't settle for ordinary coffee. Stop by today to pick up a frothy cappuccino.

Pair your coffee with a gourmet cupcake

Pair your coffee with a gourmet cupcake

What's better than a mouth-watering cupcake? Not having to bake it yourself! When you're hungry for cakes or cupcakes, turn to Wanderlust Coffee Co. We serve:

Gourmet cupcakes
Keto cupcakes
Gluten-free cupcakes
Buttercream cakes

Our cupcake flavors range from chocolate covered strawberry to champagne. Find out why savvy clients visit our camper when they want a sweet treat. Stop by today to purchase one of our devilishly-delicious desserts.